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Little Saints Early Learning provides early education and care to children and families throughout Gippsland and S.E Melbourne, with purpose-built facilities dedicated to celebrating children’s learning in creative, safe, and nurturing environments with programs designed to scaffold the child’s curiosity, wonder, and innate desire to learn.

Our educating teams strive to build meaningful connections with families and understand that communication is paramount in achieving and maintaining these connections. Our services utilise the online platform EDUCA to share updates about children with their families, it is here that families can access children’s learning documents, photos, daily routines and even share their own stories and photos from home.
To meet the daily needs of all the children in our services, we provide children with all amenities from nappies through to sunscreen whilst in attendance. With onsite kitchens each service provides healthy and delicious meals that support children’s daily dietary requirements.

Our values underpin the culture, practices and interactions as individuals and an early education service.


Through trust and mutual respect, we build meaningful relationships which connect families, children, educators and the community. 

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We are committed to the ongoing encouragement and development of all members of our community.

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Transparency and honesty are the centre of our relationships with everyone who engages with us. 

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